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  • Our DUCK has a patented hull design that is unique to amphibious tour vehicles.
  • Its center of gravity is exceptionally low which translates into safer operations on the water. Our vessels are all rated for partially protected waters for the U.S. Coast Guard stability. No DUKW is approved for partially protected waters.


  • Even when fully-loaded with passengers, its distance from the water up to the sides’ top rail is 4 feet. DUKWs have approximately 16 to 18 inches.

Passenger Safety

  • We follow all D.O.T. and U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Our vehicle was inspected during manufacturing to ensure all federal regulations for passenger safety are installed. Passenger escape, access doors, aisle widths, and distance from the seats to doors are all included in our approved regulations.
  • DUKWs have grandfather protection and numerous special exemptions from a law called NAVIC. The aisles and doors are much smaller and emergency exit is more difficult than our vehicle.

Hull Superstructure Engineering

  • The DUCK hull is designed to international standards adopted by many governments and the U.S. Coast Guard. ABS high-speed craft rules are written by a society of naval engineers to ensure safe vessel construction. The design was fully inspected and approved prior to any construction of the hull.

Built To Deliver

  • There are countless calculations performed on the design. The hull was engineered and designed by an outside naval architect firm to retest and confirm the vessel’s stress and stability standards. The Coast Guard completely reviewed all drawings, designs, materials, welding procedures, and material testing before approval.